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Trasimeno Lake

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... The discerning tourist can follow different artistic paths. For example we are in the land of Perugino and of Pinturicchio, but there are other great masters. We are also in a truly awesome Architectural territory with dozens of castles, palaces, manor houses, strongholds and fortified towns quite apart from Etruscan remains. Notably for the gourmet is the wine trail: there are the wines from the Trasimeno hills, we are in the vicinity of Chianti; near the heart of the Siena hills. A few dozen minutes away from Montepulciano and its "Nobile" wine; or from Montalcino and its unsurpassable "Brunello", considered to be one of the five best wines of the world.

Assisi: Basilica of San Francesco

Lovers of the ultimate Relax will find a wide selection of thermal baths which can be reached in a short time, each offering various types of treatment, from the therapeutic to the aesthetic or simply to relax. But don’t let us forget that Lake Trasimeno is first and foremost a natural park of which Castiglione del Lago is an integral part. The Island of Polvese was declared a scientific-teaching park in 1995 and the province of Perugia has initiated activities for local studies, experiment and research. Also of great interest is the Oasis La Valle with its strategic position for the study of migratory birds. It has an electric boat and its passage through the reeds and wild cane grasses allows the visitor to practice bird-watching in the very best of natural conditions.


  • Assisi, Eremo delle Carceri
  • Marmore falls
  • Perugia
  • Il Perugino: the Adorazione dei Magi